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In-House Egg Donor Program

In-House Egg Donor Program

San Diego Fertility Center's In-House Egg Donor Program

Becoming a Parent: Egg Donors and IVF

Third party reproduction is an excellent pathway to parenthood for couples struggling to become pregnant. The San Diego Fertility Center is proud to offer the highest standard of reproductive care inc...

All egg donors at our in-house donor program in California, must complete an extensive egg donor application. Then, we interview and screen them before accepting them into our egg donor program. Ninety percent of our cycles are considered anonymous: the identities of the egg donor and egg donor recipient are not disclosed. However, the opportunity to gain more information from or access to an egg donor, while not the norm, is an available option. SDFC's egg donors are healthy women between the ages of 20 and 30 who undergo the following review:

  • Extensive application process and in-person interviews at our California egg donor agency
  • Review of medical histories and physical examinations
  • Testing for infectious diseases per FDA guidelines
  • Chromosome analyses
  • Psychological assessments by a trained psychologist.
  • Genetic counselor assessments and screenings for inheritable diseases through family health questionnaires

Many egg donor recipients receive a large number of embryos through egg donation, which allows the possibility of freezing some for future use.

There ends the donor's brief but important role. In the IVF lab, the donor's eggs are combined with the sperm. The number of embryos transferred and the day upon which the embryos are transferred depend upon the number and quality of embryos that result from this cycle. In most cycles, our physicians transfer two embryos on day five. Hormone support is administered for the first couple of months to maintain the pregnancy and the recipients is referred to her obstetrician at week nine of the pregnancy. Among many other advantages, pregnancy with donor egg IVF has a reduced rate of miscarriage and Down syndrome.

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