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SDFC team.

An International Destination for the Best Fertility Care

SDFC is recognized worldwide for our innovative and effective fertility treatments.

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Comprehensive services to grow your family wherever you are

Why travel for fertility treatment?

The best fertility clinic may not always be close by. Our patients travel from far to come to SDFC because of our proven success rates. Many have already undergone unsuccessful fertility treatment in their home countries or their search for egg donors or a gestational surrogate didn’t yield results. That’s where we come in. We are highly experienced in communicating, coordinating with, and treating international patients who come to us seeking uniquely excellent care. We understand that fertility treatment can be physically and emotionally challenging even without travel, and we are committed to making your time in Southern California and your experience with us as great as it can possibly be.

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Welcoming patients from across the globe

Over half of SDFC’s patients come from out of the country.

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Our Process

Your next chapter starts here. We want to help you write it  

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