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Black Market Fertility Drugs

January 1, 2007

Patients of Drs. Hummel and Kettel asked a lot of questions about fertility drugs on the “Black Market”. Often times with IVF, the couple desperately trying to have a child faces the harsh reality that their insurance barely covers any fertility treatment and may not cover all of the medication fees. In financial straits, the couple makes desperate decisions such as buying fertility drugs from unqualified resources via the Internet.

“With no insurance coverage, we can understand why couples consider to find a private seller”, comments Dr. Hummel. He adds, “However, we recommend patients not to go that route because the risks outweigh the cost savings.” There are many risks to consider. Many fertility drugs need to be refrigerated. Patients can’t be sure that the drug has been appropriately stored and its potency has not been diminished. In case the IVF treatment cycle was unsuccessful, you will always wonder if it was because of the “second hand” fertility drugs. In addition, fertility drugs have limited shelf life. If you purchase black market fertility drugs the expiration date might be prior to your treatment cycle start. If something is wrong with the medication, it can’t be returned or exchanged. “There are now so many discount programs out there to help cash paying patients pay for their medication”, says Dr. Kettel, “Depending on the treatment protocol, it pays to shop around for the best price.”

For information about the discount IVF and fertility programs , go to our website or ask our staff during your next appointment.

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