Discount IVF Cycle Packages

Global IVF Packages: IVF Fees & Costs

We have designed several discounted packages to meet the varying needs of our patients. Many centers charge for each service individually, and these pay as you go services can significantly increase the total IVF cycle costs paid by the patient. San Diego Fertility Center prefers our discounted global fees, which are designed as a single price that is paid prior to starting your cycle.

Get peace of mind, knowing exactly what your IVF treatment will cost.

Our global fees avoid the confusion and extra cost of paying for each individual service during the complicated IVF process. Unlike other centers where you receive bills for each item and often pay far more than was originally quoted, you will not with San Diego Fertility Center. By bundling our services into a global package, you save money and get peace of mind knowing exactly what your treatment will cost, regardless of the amount of visits and tests it takes to properly care for you during your IVF cycle.