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We are San Diego Fertility Center

Innovators in fertility care

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Supporting thousands of successful fertility patients worldwide

SDFC is recognized internationally as a pioneer in fertility treatment. We opened our doors in 1989 and have helped bring more than 4000 babies into the world since then. After 6 years of success providing fertility care SDFC opened up a research department focused on developing the most cutting-edge fertility treatments through clinical trials and research that propels our whole organization forward.

We are focused on intelligent and compassionate care, medical integrity, and innovative treatments that best serve you.

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Our Approach to Your Comprehensive Care

At SDFC our focus is on your health and your success. Each of our doctors, nurses, and support staff adhere to the core values that set us apart.

SDFC is committed to:

Putting patient safety first.

Leading with respect, compassion and integrity.

Striving for the best.

Understanding your unique fertility needs.

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Our world-class clinics have been featured in numerous publications

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Where medical expertise meets compassionate care

Our team of doctors, nurses, and embryologists are the most respected and talented in their field. They hail from top universities and medical programs, and have arrived at SDFC because of their passion for moving fertility treatment forward toward greater patient success.

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A Clinic Is Only As Good As Its Lab

Extraordinary IVF care requires an extraordinary lab and ours was the first in San Diego to offer preimplantation genetic testing. The SDFC embryology lab is nationally accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), certifying it as a member of an exclusive group of reproductive labs in the U.S. that meets the highest standards of excellence.

SDFC has three convenient locations across Southern California that offer laboratory services:

An additional location in New York City makes it easy to schedule an in-person consultation even from afar.

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    Del Mar

  2. 2

    Mission Valley

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    New York

You’re ready for your next chapter. We’re here to help turn the page.

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