Flexible Financial Options

We're committed to providing affordable fertility and IVF costs, so you can make your little miracle possible.

San Diego Fertility Center is committed to providing flexible financial options and affordable fertility care to each and every patient. Fertility treatment can be both physically and emotionally taxing, and the cost of fertility and IVF can add an unnecessary dimension of stress. We're committed to helping you understand and assess your financial options. Together, we can make your little miracle possible.

What is the cost of fertility treatment?

The cost of fertility testing and treatment in the United States varies based on the treatment required, insurance coverage and the fertility clinic.

Fertility Financing Plans

High costs and confusing loans can increase your level of stress as you receive fertility care. At San Diego Fertility Center, we believe the cost of fertility treatment should be affordable and manageable. To help in this process, we have implemented financing plans through CapexMD, Sunfish and Future Family. Before you proceed with a fertility treatment, one of our patient coordinators will review your financial goals and help you choose an appropriate loan program.

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Insurance Coverage for Fertility

Before your first visit, our new-patient coordinator will collect your insurance information so that we can check and confirm your insurance benefits. At your first appointment, our insurance specialist will help you navigate the complicated world of insurance coverage, and make sure that you take full advantage of them.

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Discount IVF Cycle Packages

We have designed several discounted bundle packages to meet our patients’ diverse needs, and so our patients know exactly what the treatment will cost. By purchasing a discounted package prior to the beginning of the cycle, patients avoid extra costs involved with paying for each individual service.

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Third Party Global Packages

An egg donor cycle includes the medical screening, treatment and monitoring of the egg donor and the intended parent. SDFC has created discounted global egg donor and gestational surrogate cycle fees to include all of the needed services for screening, treating, and monitoring intended Parents and their associated egg donors and/ or gestational surrogates. The following services are included in the discounted package price.

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Success Guarantee Plans

We believe in the principle of mutual commitment and want to be your partner in achieving pregnancy success. Because we stand behind our outstanding clinical expertise and pregnancy success statistics, we offer a risk sharing financial plan called the Success Guarantee Plan. If you do not achieve a live birth after completing a Success Guarantee cycle, you will be reimbursed up to 100 percent of the cycle fee.

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