Egg Donation & IVF

San Diego Fertility Egg Donor Program (Donor Oocyte)

San Diego Fertility Center offers an internationally renowned Egg Donor and IVF treatment program respected for meeting the highest standards and criteria of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

For donor egg IVF, an egg donor recipient may select an egg donor who is part of our in-house egg donor program by using our egg donor database or one from an egg donor agency. Additionally, the egg donor may be a sister, close friend, or relative of the recipient's. The egg donors from our in-house program must pass a vigorous egg donor application process. We have many diverse candidates available including: Asian, Spanish, African-American, Caucasian and more.

Donor egg IVF successfully treats women who are carriers of genetic diseases, women who have had multiple failed cycles of IVF, women with impaired ovarian function, or healthy older women. This IVF treatment also heightens the chance of pregnancy for women whose attempts at IVF have revealed a poor response to fertility medications or whose eggs did not fertilize well or form viable embryos.

As part of the IVF egg donation program protocol, an egg donor injects fertility medication to stimulate her ovaries to produce multiple eggs. Hormone replacement is used to synchronize the recipient to the egg donor cycle. Just prior to ovulation, using standard IVF techniques, the eggs are retrieved from the egg donor's ovaries and fertilized with sperm from the recipient couple.

International Egg Donor Program

Our donor egg IVF program has consistently provided superior pregnancy success rates for IVF and egg donation to patients throughout the world.

At San Diego Fertility Center we help patients from around the world achieve their dreams of having a baby. Patients from Australia, New Zealand, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, China and Korea have sought our expertise in finding egg donors, and receiving treatments such as IVF, ICSI, PGS, PGD and more.

Benefits of Egg Donation IVF

One of the main benefits of IVF egg donation is its high rate of success. The principle seems to be that the age of the egg, not the uterus, is the critical factor. Success rates for donor egg IVF can be three to 10 times higher than with traditional IVF. Much of this success is due to the use of young, normally fertile egg donors.

Egg donor IVF offers some possible advantages over adoption. The first benefit is that the egg donor recipient carries the pregnancy and, thereby, remains in control of the gestational environment. The woman can be sure of getting excellent prenatal care and be sure to avoid alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, or unnecessary medications while bonding with her in-utero offspring. Second, the child is related to the male partner.

Legal issues with egg donation IVF appear to be less debatable than with adoption. Reproductive law in California greatly favors the rights of the biological mother delivering the baby, which is maintained in egg donation. Egg donors sign detailed consent forms relinquishing any rights to the eggs, embryos, and offspring.