Egg Donor IVF Process

Step-By-Step: Learn About the Egg Donation & IVF Process

Below are some of the steps involved in the Egg Donor IVF process, most of which takes place at our facilities in Southern California, in conjunction with our in-house egg donation agency:

Physician Consultation

If you have not done so already, please schedule your new patient consultation with one of our fertility doctors to establish care at San Diego Fertility Center. You will find new patient application paperwork here, including instructions on how to submit and schedule an appointment. Consultation may be conducted by phone or in person.

Nurse Coordinator Consult

You will work with a designated nurse coordinator to help you through the process.  You will schedule a consult with your coordinator to review the screening needed for you and your donor, and help explain the process.  Once the screening is completed, you will continue to work together to coordinate your treatment cycle.

Financial Arrangements

Prior to your physician consult, our insurance specialists will perform an insurance benefits check. Total payment of your egg donor cycle is not due until your baseline ultrasound.

Lab Work - uterine evaluation cycle, and sonohysterogram

As a new patient, your blood work and screening will be conducted at SDFC or at a local lab/fertility clinic.

Egg Donor Selection

If you are using an in-house donor, you may be matched with a donor at the start of your uterine evaluation cycle. If you are using a known donor or a donor affiliated with an egg donor agency, they will be screened by SDFC utilizing the same criteria as the in-house donor program. The timing of the cycle will be determined by factors such as schedule availability of you, the donor and your physician.  You will discuss the timing directly with your coordinator.

Psychological Consultation

All intended parents will meet with a psychological counselor to discuss the short-term and long-term issues involved with using an egg donor, thoughts around disclosure versus non-disclosure to a child, the emotional impact this has on you and as a couple, identification of support systems and coping techniques, and follow-up during treatment as needed.

Legal Contracts

Legal contracts are provided by San Diego Fertility Center when using an in-house egg donor from our egg donor program. You are welcome to consult an attorney, but it is not necessary. If you elect to use a known egg donor or an egg donor affiliated with an egg donor agency, you will be required to retain an attorney for legal contracts.