Surrogate Cycle: 10 Steps to Success

Below are San Diego Fertility Center's 10 Steps to a Successful Surrogate Cycle:

  1. The intended parents schedule a consultation with one of our physicians (this also may be a phone consultation).

  2. Financial consultation and benefits check are completed and authorizations are in place. This is to protect you from any surprises or denials from your insurance provider.

  3. Our financial adviser collects $1,000, in order to begin the surrogate screening requirements. This amount is applied toward the cycle fee.

  4. The surrogate schedules an initial screening appointment. A physical examination and a pelvic ultrasound are done. Lab slips will be given to the surrogate for mandated infectious disease screening requirements and overall health screening. Lab slips also will be given to the surrogate’s partner for infectious disease screening (if indicated). A sonohysterogram may be done depending on the surrogate's current menstrual cycle. This test is performed to thoroughly evaluate the uterine cavity.

  5. The surrogate will call SDFC on day one of her menstrual cycle and she will begin the evaluation cycle. This takes approximately three to four weeks to complete. After the evaluation cycle is complete, the surrogate will begin taking birth control pills for cycle coordination. See surrogate cycle overview.

  6. A sonohysterogram is performed on the surrogate. This also may be done during the evaluation cycle.

  7. Psychological consultation is completed (for all intended parties).

  8. Legal contracts must be established between the intended parents and the surrogate. A written letter from your lawyer indicating that your contract is complete will be required for our records.

  9. Documentation of a current Pap smear is mandated for the surrogate. The Pap test must be current, or will need to be updated prior to proceeding with treatment.

  10. Cycle coordination: Your nurse coordinator will work with you to plan the dates for the treatment cycle. Medications also will be ordered at the time the cycle is coordinated. Coordination can only be started once the above steps have been completed.