New York

Egg Donor Program

Simplifying the Gestational Surrogacy Process

Our egg donor program makes it easy for intended parents in New York, NY to build their families

Egg donor programs give LGBTQIA+ intended parents the opportunity to start families and raise children. But finding the right program can be challenging. You can rest assured that the team at San Diego Fertility Center has the knowledge and experience needed to walk you through every step of the process and help you find the right egg donor.

We use an in-house egg donor matching service,, to complete the donor screening process. Our experienced physicians can also oversee the gestational surrogacy process to ensure that your child is born safe, happy and healthy. Contact our Center in New York, NY today to get started.

What are the benefits of our egg donor program?

Our egg donor program includes an extensive database of donors who have passed our rigorous screening process. There’s no charge to create an account, so you can get the process started without paying a penny.

If you have questions about our egg donor matching services, call 212-634-9543 today. We're happy to discuss your options.