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Surrogacy Program

You’ve Found a Surrogacy Matching Program – What Comes Next?

Discuss next steps with a physician at our fertility clinic in New York, NY

Have you found a surrogate mother through a surrogacy matching program or agency? Are you ready to take the next step in the gestational surrogacy process? We're here to help. San Diego Fertility Clinic provides IVF treatment services in around New York, NY.

If you're still looking for a surrogacy agency, just let us know. We have experience working with many surrogacy matching programs, and we’ll be happy to recommend a trusted agency. Contact us today to get started.

Talk about your concerns with an experienced IVF provider

IVF treatment services can be a wonderful way for couples to start a family, but gestational surrogacy isn’t the best option for everyone. Our physicians have years of experience providing IVF services, so we can discuss the process with you and help you choose the best family planning option for you and your partner. We’ll be happy to go over:

  • The benefits of gestational surrogacy
  • The cost of the IVF process
  • The legal issues involved in the surrogacy process

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