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Two women and a laughing baby sitting comfortably on a white sofa, sharing a joyous family moment together.

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A happy baby with a big smile, sitting on a gray couch in a light blue denim jumpsuit, exuding joy and playfulness.

“The clinic staff was exceptional in dealing with our LGBTQ family - we felt affirmed, supported and cared for throughout our journey. We were always greeted in a warm way and everyone was on top of their game!”

- Successful donor egg and surrogacy patient, age 38

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A joyful infant laughing while being held by the father

“We felt well taken care of the entire journey! Everyone was top notch and you leave feeling well supported. I can see why people travel from all over the world to work with Dr. Park and her team.”

- Successful donor egg and surrogacy patient, age 36

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A curious baby with dark hair glancing over a parent's shoulder, with an expression of wonder and big, bright eyes.

“This clinic's greatest strength is their clinical excellence. I switched here because my OBGYN told me their embryology lab is the best of the best, and I would agree. They're at the forefront of the latest protocols and treatments, and they do it all with a very warm bedside manner.”

- Successful IVF and embryo freezing patient, age 36

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Two young siblings sitting side by side on a couch

“The clinic is really lovely, clean, and well organized. They always remembered my name when we came in and I really appreciated that. I haven’t listed any weaknesses here because in the course of our 3 year journey trying to find a doctor that fit for us, by the time we found SD Fertility Center they got us through this process so quickly and didn’t waste any time. They were exactly what we were looking for. We couldn’t be happier.”

- Successful IUI patient, age 34

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Babies laughing together.

“Responsive, helpful, compassionate. Full of people who are there for all the right reasons. You feel welcomed when visiting the clinic. We had a busy day at the clinic, full of meetings, but they were so productive and professional, it went by smoothly.”

- Successful donor egg and surrogacy patient, age 29

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A tender moment between a mother and her sleeping baby.

“This clinic is informative, understanding, detailed, clean and friendly. I have followed up since we have been released from them and they still remember me and take my calls and follow up on the baby. I feel like they were a huge part of our journey and I am so thankful for them!”

- Successful IVF patient, age 29 

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A father in a kitchen holding his toddler while also holding a cup.

“My husband is active-duty Military and was set for a deployment. We had to do a freeze-all cycle, with my eggs - as my husband has fertility issues & we were on a time crunch. The clinic was very accommodating of our schedule and worked diligently to make sure I got into the next egg retrieval cycle - to ensure we could create the embryos, prior to his departure.”

- Successful egg freezing and male infertility factor patient, age 30

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A smiling baby in a yellow outfit held by a woman in a maroon dress, both seated on the floor, sharing a tender moment together.

“SDFC was easy to work with, were patient, answered all my questions and ensured that I understood. They were clear with the treatment plans and what was coming up next, and were very prompt and on top of everything. Highly recommended!”

- Successful donor egg and surrogacy patient, age 51

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A mother laughing with her baby who is giggling happily

“I felt the staff genuinely cared about me and my future children and were great cheerleaders. I felt like they were family.”

- Successful IVF patient, age 42

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