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Dr. Susanna Park Presents at Men Having Babies NYC

March 1, 2016

San Diego Fertility Center’s Dr. Susanna Park recently spoke at the New York City Men Having Babies conference where she discussed third party reproduction options for same-sex male couples looking to build their families. We invite you to watch the video above which features an overview of the event as well as Dr. Park and other conference speakers talking to attendees.

Dr. Park has enjoyed her experience as a Men Having Babies conference speaker and considers the organization an excellent resource, “During this conference, the step-by-step logistics of the journey to parenthood is reviewed in detail. Parents who have traveled this journey are present to share their personal stories – the ups and the downs. In addition, professional organizations (medical clinics, egg donor agencies, and surrogacy agencies) are present at the conference to share information with the conference attendees. San Diego Fertility Center was in attendance to provide information about our medical practice and our in-house egg donor agency . Furthermore, I gave a medical talk about available options in the event the IVF treatment is not successful.”

For over ten years, Men Having Babies has held surrogacy workshops, seminars and exhibitions for same-sex couples all over the world. These events provide same-sex couples the opportunity to receive unbiased information on family building services and connect with other prospective parents going through the surrogacy process. San Diego Fertility Center was a Platinum event sponsor for their recent conference in New York City, as well as for the Men Having Babies conference in San Francisco, which Dr. Park also attended. Dr. Park will be attending, and speaking, at the Men Having Babies conference in Tel Aviv, Israel on March 10-12

“San Diego Fertility Center is honored to be a Platinum Sponsor for Men Having Babies. We are committed to assisting all persons achieve his/her dream of parenthood. Realizing the financial burden of this journey for participants of the Men Having Babies conference, San Diego Fertility Center is proud to be a participant of the Gay Parenting Assistance Program (GPAP). Through the GPAP program , we offer one pro bono egg donor /surrogate IVF treatment cycle per year, and a 25% discount off the cost of an egg donor /surrogate IVF treatment cycle.” - Dr. Susanna Park

Learn more about future Men Having Babies workshops and other 2016 events .

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