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What to Do with Unused Frozen Embryos

June 1, 2003

RESOLVE, the national infertility association, is currently conducting an Internet-based survey to assess the public’s opinion on what to do with frozen embryos . The Society of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (SART) recently stated that the estimated number of frozen embryos currently in storage in 430 fertility clinics in the US exceeds 400,000. 88.2% of those embryos are kept frozen for future attempts at pregnancy. The remaining 11.8% are stored for other reasons such as lost contact with a patient, abandonment or divorce. “It is not surprising that former IVF patients are not donating embryos for research,” says Dr. Hummel, “However, if a couple doesn’t want to use remaining frozen embryos, donating them to another couple would be a good solution.” With RESOLVE’s study, the organization wants to educate the public about embryo donation and help them to make an informed decision about frozen embryos.

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