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Donor Services

Donated eggs can help you to build the family of your dreams

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IVF with an egg donor

Patients who experience multiple unsuccessful IVF cycles may choose to pursue IVF using an egg donor. We understand the emotional toll that this process and decision can take, and it's important to know that your fertility plan happens on your timeline when you are ready. Deciding to move forward with an egg donor marks a significant shift for many patients initially planning for their biological child, yet it presents an equally remarkable opportunity for building the family of your dreams.

Choosing an egg donor

Once you have decided to use an egg donor, next step is selecting an egg donor. SDFC has had our own in-house egg donor program for over 20 years. In order to provide Intended Parents with the highest chance of success using an egg donor, the application process is extensive, and our egg donors must meet numerous requirements before acceptance into the program. SDFC's egg donors are healthy women between the ages of 20 and 30 who undergo the following review:

  • Extensive application and an in-person interview at our office

  • Review of medical history and physical examination

  • Testing for infectious diseases per California and FDA guidelines

  • Psychological assessment by a trained psychologist

  • Genetic counseling assessment and screening for inheritable diseases

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What are donor services?

Using a donor egg is an option for patients who may have low and limited success rates using their own eggs. This includes women of advanced reproductive age, low egg supply, primary ovarian insufficiency, or a history of several unsuccessful treatment cycles using their own eggs. This process involves fertilizing the donor egg via IVF then placing it into the uterus of the person carrying the pregnancy. Deciding on egg donation can be an emotionally challenging step and we are here to support you throughout your journey.

For male couples, single men, and people of any identity without the ability to gestate, egg donation with a gestational carrier can provide a path to parenthood.

SDFC has a strong relationship with a number of egg donation centers and can provide you with a referral once we determine that to be a part of your personalized fertility treatment plan.

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Is using an egg donor right for me?

There are many different reasons a patient may opt to use a donated egg to achieve pregnancy. For gay male couples or single men it will be an essential step in the process along with partnering with a gestational carrier (surrogate). Lesbian couples, heterosexual couples, and single women may choose to use an egg donor if they are unable to conceive using their own eggs.

Some reasons why you may not be able to conceive using your own egg:

  • Ovarian failure

  • Poor follicle development

  • Damaged ovaries due to chemotherapy or radiation

  • Carrier of a genetic or chromosomal disease abnormality that results in recurrent miscarriage

  • Egg quantity and quality has diminished significantly, sometimes due to age

  • Post-operative transgender person without ovaries or with whom egg retrieval is no longer possible or doesn’t result in viable embryos or successful IVF

Your doctor will discuss all options, including egg donation, in depth so that you fully understand your fertility options before making a decision toward building your family.

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Egg donor success with SDFC

Success rates for donor egg IVF can be 3 to 10 times higher than traditional IVF.

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Paying for donor eggs

Though coverage for fertility care varies widely by insurance plan, the good news is that more and more companies are including fertility treatment in employee benefits.

You should never feel in the dark about cost. Our financing team is committed to guiding you through your insurance benefits, out-of-pocket expenses, and other financing options every step of the way.

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