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Male Infertility Treatment

Assessing and treating men’s infertility needs is an essential part of the fertility process

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What is male infertility?

Approximately 40% of infertility cases in heterosexual couples are due to male reproductive issues such a low sperm count or poor sperm quality. For a successful pregnancy it is essential to test and treat infertility in male partners and single men seeking parenthood.

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Evaluating and Diagnosing Male Infertility

Male infertility treatment begins with a full semen analysis to determine whether issues achieving pregnancy are due to low sperm count or poor quality. You will provide a semen sample at the clinic or one of our partnering labs in a comfortable environment where you won’t be rushed. Before coming in to give a sample your doctor will discuss best practices with you in order to get the best possible specimen.

After analyzing the sample we can determine whether male infertility is a factor in your specific case, and if so, what to do next.

Sometimes treatment for male infertility can be as straightforward as a healthier lifestyle change or picking a new prescription. Sometimes it's a more complex process. Whichever direction your initial testing takes you, your doctor is there to ensure you are given the best possible options for your unique needs.

To prepare sperm for IVF and IUI, part of your treatment plan may be to abstain from drinking, smoking, and drugs and to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly among other specifics you’ll discuss with your care team. If you have a hormonal imbalance that is affecting fertility your doctor may prescribe a medication to support a more normal balance. After you provide semen for the procedure it will be “washed,” meaning the best quality sperm will be isolated for fertilization.

Treating more acute male infertility issues such as varicocele can require surgery. Those experiencing oligospermia (extremely low sperm count) can benefit from sperm-harvesting techniques such as intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). In ICSI a single high-quality sperm is separated from the semen sample and injected directly into an egg in the lab.

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Is male infertility treatment right for me?

Treating male infertility is an essential element of the overall infertility treatment process. There are many avenues for achieving a successful pregnancy using your own sperm and there’s been incredible success with methods such as ICSI. Many patients elect to use a sperm donor. This can be a very emotionally challenging step to take, but your team at SDFC will be there to support you through every decision.

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Male infertility treatment success with SDFC

Male factor infertility affects 40% of couples. For this reason, semen analysis is often one of the highest-value fertility tests for catching underlying infertility issues.

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Paying for Male Infertility Treatment

Though coverage for fertility care varies widely by insurance plan, the good news is that you have lots of options. We are committed to guiding you through your insurance benefits, out-of-pocket expenses, and other financing options every step of the way. With SDFC you will never be in the dark about cost.

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