Clinical Support & Staff

Every member of our clinical support team and staff will welcome you with a smile when you visit our facility. 

Expect a highly personalized approach to treatment and the highest quality of care at San Diego Fertility Center. From guiding you through the new patient process and helping you explore insurance options, to making you feel comfortable during procedures, our staff will assist you during every step of the process

Patient Care Coordinators

Our patient coordinators welcome you with a smile when you come to our center. Their role is to guide you through both the new patient and scheduling processes. Additionally, our care coordinators pride themselves on knowing each patient as an individual and are always available to ensure each person has their needs met.

Third Party Program Manager

In a continuing effort to provide you with many resources, San Diego Fertility Center offers additional support to egg donor recipients and intended parents. Our Third Party Program Manager provides empathy and insight into the unique journey of third party reproduction, and insures that you are exceptionally supported and nurtured during the entire process.

Financial Experts

Our financial experts are committed to assisting you with all insurance and financial questions. The financial team offers extensive expertise and explores every insurance option to provide patients with the opportunity for access to advanced fertility care.

Medical Assistants

Our medical assistants are friendly, compassionate and respectful, helping to make each visit to SDFC as pleasant as possible. You can trust their experience in providing answers to medical questions and get the support you need during fertility treatment.

Certified Nurse Practitioners & Advanced Practice Nurses

Our certified nurse practitioners and advanced practice nurses have completed advanced training in the treatment of patients with infertility and other reproductive disorders. As essential members of the San Diego Fertility Center team of specialists, they work closely with the physicians and the assisted reproductive technology (ART) lab to provide continuity of care and a highly personalized approach to your treatment.

Military Patient Coordinators

Our nurses provide excellent care to our patients from the armed forces. They coordinate treatment plans with the physicians at the San Diego Naval Medical Center’s Infertility Program and assist patients during procedures at the Naval Hospital.

Practice Administration

Our practice administrator is working "behind the scenes" to ensure the highest quality of care for our patients. With exceptional credentials and experience in the field of health care, our practice administrator plays a key role at San Diego Fertility Center.