Korean Fertility Program

SDFC is proud to work with the Korean-speaking patients from around the world.

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한국어 버전도 제공됩니다

At San Diego Fertility Center® we have been creating miracles every day since 1989. Our nationally recognized infertility specialists work closely with patients to develop a personalized fertility treatment plan for patients from the U.S. and around the world. Our patient care and attention is unprecedented because we are not affiliated with a larger institution. By working independently, we are dynamic in our ability to make changes, upgrade equipment, and offer creative financial plans. Our IVF Center is state-of-the-art, using the most cutting edge technology and medical advancements available.

Connecting with the Korean Community

Working with Patients in the United States and Abroad

Due to our exceptional patient care and published success rates, San Diego Fertility Center is recognized as one of the top facilities worldwide for infertility treatment. We see patients from around the globe and throughout the United States seeking the expertise of our top infertility specialists. With a growing number non-English speaking and global patients, we have developed a program which smoothly coordinates traveling to our center, minimizes the number of visits needed for successful treatments and overcomes any language barriers. In addition to attending one of the top fertility centers in the nation, Korean-speaking patients can also benefit from working with our award-winning, Korean fertility doctor, Dr. Susanna Jung-A Park. Dr. Park is an infertility specialist born in Seoul, South Korea and speaks Korean fluently, as well as Spanish and English. She specializes in IVF, surrogacy, egg donors and IVF, laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgeries.