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Dr. Park Discusses Lesbian Family Building and Fertility Options on LezBeMommies Radio

Dr. Susanna Park recently spoke with LezBeMommies Radio and discussed lesbian conception options, including fertility testing, enhancement and treatment. Dr. Park details how she first became interested in the fertility field and what motivated her to make the move from research toward patient care. She explains the challenges that lesbian couples face when building their families and what they can expect during their visit with the San Diego Fertility Center. This can include a medical workup to determine if a fertility issue is present, such as testing the quality of a woman’s egg reserve. If it is clear that a fertility issue will not present difficulty during insemination, the type of insemination that will be used is determined. A lesbian couple can use IUI or IVF with the help of a sperm donor to have a child. If a fertility issue is present, the San Diego Fertility Center offers a range of unique treatment approaches.

You can listen to the Dr. Park’s discussion on LezBeMommies in full here:

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