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Dr. Sandy Chuan Is on the Cover of San Diego Magazine

Dr. Sandy Chuan, partner at San Diego Fertility Center, is on the October cover of San Diego Magazine. Also designated as a distinguished “Top Doctor” by the magazine, Dr. Chuan’s feature article within the October issue outlines her own personal experience in choosing to build her family as she underwent medical training. Dr. Chuan notes that even though timing was less than ideal given her intensive schedule and workload during her medical internship, she shared the same concerns as many of her patients regarding age and female fertility. She choose to have a baby during one of the busiest times in her life because of potential fertility concerns, something she and many patients have in common.

“...So I decided to have a baby my intern year, which is unheard of. My friends were shocked. And it was hard work to do both. But it’s the best decision I ever made. After I became a mother, I realized how much you could love someone, and how awful it would be if I never got to experience that.” - Dr. Sandy Chuan, San Diego Magazine October 2018

This core understanding of her patient’s concerns is what drives Dr. Chuan to help ensure that their journey to becoming parents is routed in the understanding that there are many ways to build a family. For some, an egg donor may be needed. For others, egg donation or sperm donation is paired with the help of a gestational surrogate. IVF is the best option for others, whereas IUI or fertility medications are sufficient for some. There is no one clear, definitive route, which is why fertility specialists like Dr. Chuan are dedicated to forming a treatment plan that works best for each couple or individual that chooses San Diego Fertility Center.

I always say, “Listen, who is your family? Who is the person you go to for everything you count on?” And they’ll often say it’s their husband or partner who’s there with them. So then I ask, “Are you related to them by blood?” And they say no. It’s an aha moment. Sometimes family is the person that you choose.” - Dr. Sandy Chuan, San Diego Magazine October 2018

Dr. Chuan acknowledges that the emotional component of fertility treatment is just as pivotal as forming a plan and attending appointments. Her compassion, empathy and understanding during every step of the process is just one of the reasons why she is a San Diego Magazine Top Doctor.

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