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How to Find the Best Fertility Specialist for Your Treatment

Selecting the reproductive specialist for your fertility treatments and fertility clinic is the most important decision you have to make upfront. Therefore, it is crucial to do a little research on the specialists and clinics you are considering. As the only fertility specialist, who received the honor of “Best Doctor in San Diego”, Dr. Hummel was recently interviewed by a local TV news station about this topic. He mentioned in his interview (available in our online video collection), to which resources couples can turn to find advice on finding the right fertility doctor.

  1. Your OB/Gyn should be the first contact where you can address concerns about your fertility and get initial infertility testing done.
  2. Research a fertility doctor’s credentials. Find out if a board-certification and Fellowship training beyond OB/Gyn residency has been completed. In addition, does he/she have any recent reputable awards and credentials such as “Best Doctors in America” or “Best Doctors in San Diego”.
  3. Ask trusted friends and nurses about their patient care experiences.
  4. Contact the local medical society for recommendations. The San Diego County Medical Society knows doctors who are in good standing.
  5. Cost considerations. Check with your insurance company what is covered, research the cost of your fertility treatment at the clinic of your choice, if they are offering special financial programs such as a risk sharing program.
  6. Research the clinic’s success rates. Trust only official numbers verified by the Center of Disease Control (www.cdc.gov). Projected numbers published by a Center can be misleading and may not reflect statistics based on live births.

For more information about our fertility specialists credentials, click here. You can also find details about our financial plans and our “Risk sharing IVF Guarantee Program” and our IVF success rates.

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