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Only 40% of Infertility Cases are Due to Female Infertility

Before infertility treatment was available, women were exclusively responsible for a couple’s progeny. Historically, most scientific research on infertility has focused on female factors. However, scientists have now proven that only 40% of infertility is due to female infertility. Of the remaining 60%, two thirds is due to male factor infertility and one third is due for a combination of factors, involving both partners.

Recent research shows that a man’s biological clock starts ticking at age 45, ten years later than a woman’s. However, this isn’t a reason for a couple in their 30’s to concentrate solely on female causes of infertility. It has been observed that some couples seeking fertility treatment easily agree to a series of complicated tests and even laparoscopy for the female partner before the male partner will agree to give a simple sperm sample, which ends up being evidence for their struggle.

Further, the number of fertility specialists who focus on male infertility is only 10% to 15% of the experts who focus on female infertility. “Infertility is a couple’s issue,” says Dr. Hummel, This is shown by an equal percentage of infertility diagnoses traced to women and men. It’s time to let go of the old stigma with male infertility”. For more information about male infertility visit our web site at www.sdfertility.com.