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PGD Reduces Risk of Recurring Miscarriages

As reported in the Fertility & Sterility August issue (Vol.84, No.2), a recent study shows that the rate of miscarriages in women over 35 with previous pregnancy loss may be significantly reduced by using preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD).

PGD is a technique that is used in combination with IVF to test embryos for genetic
disorders prior to their transfer to the uterus. By screening the embryos for chromosomal problems, researchers were able to reduce the rate of miscarriages in women over 35 from the expected 36% down to 17%. “This confirms what we have been seeing in our patients,” comments Dr. Hummel. Dr. Hummel recently published his findings about miscarriages in his book “Miscarriage and the Successful Pregnancy”, available on iUniverse.