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Recent Study Shows How Far Fertility Patients Go to Have a Child

Being part of Advanced Reproductive Care (ARC), the national network of leading infertility specialists, Drs. Hummel and Kettel participated in the most recent study revealing a conservative approach of patients towards reproductive technologies.

For example, only 9% of infertility patients surveyed would consider cloning as a way to have a biological child. While 26% were undecided about what to do with unused cryopreserved (frozen) embryos that were left over following infertility treatment.

Only 34% would consider a gestational carrier to carry their baby, while 22% were undecided if they would use this option. “The study shows that men and women undergoing fertility treatment educate themselves thoroughly before making any decisions”, comments Dr. William Hummel. The majority of respondents – Over 90% of respondents believe that insurance should cover infertility diagnosis and treatment.

Forty-six percent of all respondents believe that infertility treatment should be made available to same-sex couples, 32% disagreed, and 22% were undecided. Fifty-six percent of infertility patients answering this survey would consider adoption if infertility treatment were unsuccessful, 19% would not and 25% were undecided.