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SDFC Nurse’s Advice When Taking Fertility Drugs

Our patient’s fertility injections are always a focus for SDFC nurses. Here are some helpful tips when taking fertility drugs.

  • Before starting any fertility drugs, it is important to make sure your physician has a complete health history and medication history.
  • Be aware of your current stock of medication supply at all times. Plan ahead and order your supply before weekends and holidays, since pharmacies might be closed. Our office has a list of fertility pharmacies offering the prescribed fertility drugs at competitive prices.
  • Once you receive the drugs, store them as directed by the pharmacist, because high and low temperatures may effect potency.
  • Before starting shots, make sure you are clear on the instructions.
  • Take advantage of the free group injection instructions offered every Monday night at SDFC.
  • When giving a shot in the buttock, avoid the sciatic nerve by using the outer, upper quadrant of the buttock. If you need help, have our nurse mark the safe areas for you.
  • If an injection area is sore and feels warm to the touch, avoid giving a shot to that area for a few days.
  • Call our office if an injection area shows red streaking, which might be an indication of inflammation.
  • If you miss a dose of medication, never double the next one without consulting with our staff first.