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SDFC Patient’s Privacy is Top Priority

Undergoing infertility treatment is a very personal matter. New privacy rules released under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) focus on informing each patient of their rights. This includes the right to their own health information and their rights to consent in advance for the release of that information for any purpose other than treatment or payment of services. “This has been our policy and standard at SDFC for many years,” says Lisa Souza, CEO and Privacy Officer at SDFC, “We continue to focus on patient privacy as a key to delivering quality care.”

The new rules may require more reading and consent forms to sign for each patient. However, the rules are designed to protect all parties in this era of easy information transmission. The new HIPAA rules aside, SDFC employs the highest of standards regarding our patients’ privacy, including the waiting room, using only the first name when calling patients, or making sure that a conversation is not overheard by others. “These high standards comply with our mission to provide the best possible fertility care available.”