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Steps to Being the Perfect Fertility Patient

There are a few things you should consider to make your fertility treatment successful.

  1. Communicate open, honest, direct and calm with the caregivers at your fertility clinic. Communication should flow naturally and without reservation or intimidation.
  2. Ask questions about the treatment regime, the pros and cons, risks and benefits. Follow instructions carefully, and be an active participant in the decision-making process.
  3. Find ways to reduce the stress caused by infertility with hobbies, vacations, social interaction, exercise, massage, spirituality, acupuncture, or other relaxation techniques. Stress management improves your overall quality of life and enhances your fertility treatment and ultimately success.
  4. Approach infertility as a couple’s issue. The more involved a couple is together in the medical process, the better able they are to support each other and make decisions.
  5. Try to have realistic expectations of the fertility center, caregivers, treatment, and what lies outside of human control. Avoid issues that lead to disappointment and frustration by focusing on the “big picture”.
  6. Be an integral part of the infertility team, with equal responsibility for facilitating healthy communication and cooperative teamwork. Acknowledge problems and solve them as they arise.
  7. Seek education on both the medical and emotional aspects of fertility problems. The Internet has helped to gain information and support for various treatments. Become as educated and attentive to your care as possible and look to members of SDFC as partners in your quest for success.
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