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Fight the Depression of Infertility

June 15, 2003

More than half a dozen studies support the link between stress and infertility . One of them conducted by University of California, San Diego in 2001 found that women with severe depression were 93 % less likely to get pregnant with infertility treatment than those with little or no depression. Depression is a silent enemy of your chances of getting pregnant. It must be treated in order to increase your chances.

  1. Talk to your doctor—Depression can be caused by imbalances of your hormone levels of estrogen and progesterone.
  2. Talk to a mental health specialist—If it is not just the blues, visit a social worker, minister or psychologist. There is also infertility counseling available.
  3. Allow yourself emotional expression—Take time to reflect. One way to do so is to keep a journal or a blog. It’s a great way to channel emotions and can be a keepsake of baby memories when you will have a baby.
  4. Get support—Attend of a support group such as RESOLVE and realize that you are not alone. There are also support groups online such as on Oxygen.com or Lifetimetv.com that offer chats and message boards for women trying to conceive.
  5. Relax and treat yourself well—Relaxation is the key to deal with depression. The best way to relax is to exercise or add yoga, meditation or visualization to your favorite exercise routine. Also, activities such as watching the sunset, taking a bubble bath, or getting a massage are great ways to relax.
  6. Be positive in thought and attitude—Surround yourself with friends who are encouraging and positive. Increase your level of optimism by reading fairy tales or the funny pages of the

newspaper. 7. Sign up for free positive quotes on positivepress.com .

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