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Improving Fertility with Chiropractic Care

March 1, 2004

Many of SDFC patients listen to Drs. Hummel and Kettel’s advice to reduce stress during fertility treatment by combining it with fertility acupuncture , yoga therapy or another method of their choice. A new combination patients might want to consider is an appointment with the chiropractor.

Recent studies published in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research (JVSR) suggested a link between a woman’s infertility and nerve interference caused by spinal distortions. The studies found that in all cases chiropractic work showed positive results, independent from the woman’s infertility diagnosis and history. All of the women in these studies were diagnosed and treated for vertebral subluxations, which are misalignments or related problems of the spine that interfere with how the nerves work. Chiropractors corrected these problems with painless adjustments to the affected spinal area. The women in the studies became pregnant after receiving chiropractic treatment concentrating on their central & peripheral nervous system. For example, one woman didn’t have menstruations for the past 12 years and tried various fertility treatments without success. After two months in chiropractic care being treated for her spinal misalignments, she started to menstruate and became pregnant shortly after.

Even though the results are not conclusive, it increases awareness of the central nervous system’s role in the fertility world. To read about the case studies go to www.jvsr.com .

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