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Lifestyle Changes Men Can Make When Trying to Conceive

Some men are not aware that certain lifestyle factors affect their reproductive health. Fertility Specialists Hummel and Kettel advice men trying to conceive to follow a few recommendations for optimal health of their sperm and male fertility.

  1. Eat healthy. Healthy food contains vitamins that are essential for the synthesis and development of normal sperm and that reduce the risk of sperm agglutination (clumping). Taking a multivitamin that supplies 400μg of folic acid and 60mg of vitamin C every day promotes healthy sperm and therefore healthier babies.
  2. Quit smoking. The toxins in cigarettes have adverse effects on sperm quality. Especially when smoking marijuana sperm quality is severely impacted.
  3. Limit alcohol consumption. Excessive alcohol drinking decreases sperm production and affects male potency.
  4. Halt the heat. Sperm thrive at moderate temperatures. A little bit of heat for a short time
    won’t decrease sperm counts, but prolonged heat will. Men should avoid wearing tight briefs
    or other restrictive underwear or workout gear that may increase the overall scrotal
    temperature. In addition, men should avoid the sauna and hot tub when trying to conceive.

After making changes for the better, wait a while before trying for a baby. High quality sperm
take up to 12 weeks to produce.