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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Influences on Sperm

The Good:
One of the recommendations before undergoing IVF treatment concerns a female’s caffeine intake. For the male, however, it might be beneficial to have an extra cup of coffee, according to a new study presented during the recent ASRM meeting (asrm.org). Scientists in Brazil tested the sperm of 750 men with different coffee-drinking habits. The results suggested that caffeine increases sperm motility. However, there was no difference between a man who drank coffee in moderation or one who drank excessively. Dr. Hummel and Dr. Kettel recommend to stick with the one or two cups of coffee a day.
The Bad:
Another recommendation for females with fertility issues concerns their body weight, but what about the male? Researchers found evidence that sperm quality decreases as men gain weight above the healthy norm. There is a correlation between the body mass index (BMI) and sperm quality parameters such as the sperm count. In addition, reduced sperm quality increases the chance of miscarriage. These are great reasons to maintain good eating habits and exercise together as a couple.
The Ugly:
If you are diagnosed with male infertility, it might be due to high levels of lead in your body. Researches have found a link between elevated levels of lead and damaged sperm. It appears that men who lack exercise, smoke or drink alcohol, and also painters, printers and plumbers who are exposed to lead at work, tested positive for toxic levels of lead. Drs. Kettel and Hummel believe that screening males for toxins like lead might be included in a couple’s infertility diagnosis in the future.