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The Use of Perfumes Might be Linked to Infertility

Are you using Chanel No.5, Christian Dior’s Poison, Eternity from Calvin Klein or Lancome’s Tresor?

You might avoid using it if you are trying to get pregnant or are currently pregnant. A recent study testing 34 toiletries found high levels of a chemicals called phthalates that cause infertility in male babies. It is believed that the chemical, classed in Europe as “reproductive toxin”, gets absorbed into women’s bloodstreams through the skin or inhalation. It is through the bloodstream that the unborn male child gets exposed to the chemical causing genital abnormalities, including undescended testicles, malformation of the urinary tract and testicular cancer.

Cases of these abnormalities have risen tenfold in the past century calling for a ban of at least
two of the most potent forms of phthalates. Drs. Hummel and Kettel find it alarming that the
research found other forms of the chemical in deodorants, body sprays hair mousse and hairsprays. Both agree that manufacturers should be made to list ingredients.

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